Rolex GMT Master

We almost never get a Rolex, so I get excited when we do. This came in a couple weeks ago (and I wore it around for a few days.) It is a 1979 GMT Master with date. It is a two tone model, which is stainless steel and 18k gold. They're pricey but beautiful, and in general, a good investment when bought at market value (they tend to go up in value.)

Posted on August 9, 2017 .

Chinese Jade Dragon Antique

This  came in one day. It was sitting on my desk in the back room when I came into work. "That's cool." I thought. And so it was. It turns out it is over 100 years old, possibly older. It may be Hetian jade, but I'm not sure. Mainly I was excited to be able to play with it for a few weeks before it sold.

Posted on August 9, 2017 .

WWII Samurai Sword - Wakizashi Signed


It is always interesting to get artifacts for World War 2, I especially like to see when the Samurai Swords come in. One thing that is neat about them is that they could possibly be family swords that date way back before the war. As many families gave the man of the family that went to war the family sword. Many of the oldest ones are made of Damascus steel. Often times there will be a family name or crest on the blade. Sometimes there will just be a makers name rather than a family name.  There are a few blades that were made specifically for the war that were machine made and stamped with serial numbers. That variety is actually illegal to own in Japan. Ours here is a Wakizashi under 24" with a Japanese inscription which I have been researching to see whether it is a family name or a makers mark. Thanks for reading!